Eco-advice, Organic agriculture and eco-tourism

cachoeira vo delphim brazilI am a gruaduated Environmental Urban Planner (Milieukunde / Planologie) with a specialisation in Education and infrastructure. The focus of environmental issues and solutions have always been my interest. The past years I have been focussing more on eco-tourism in the south of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and organic agriculture and food-forests. Right now I am updating my knowledge at Warmonderhof Educational Centre in Bio-Dynamic Agriculture , specialisation in City-farming and Permaculture / Polyculture.

Radio & Media

I have been creating crossmedia formats for Dutch broadcaster NTR mainly for Radio 6 . I have concepted, designed and made several websites, crossmedia content and streaming audio concepts. Right now I work at as CEO and Music Director. This fast growing blues-channel, records nearly every week live concerts and interviews the performing artists. We are working closely together with the Dutch Blues Foundation, the North Sea Jazzclub Amsterdam and Moulin Blues Festival. Just click on the player in this website and enjoy!

Social Media items

allen toussaintI have been making video items as a freelancer (Electronics Presskits) and also weekly for Radio 6 and In most cases I interview artists at clubs or festivals such as North Sea Jazz or Festival Mundial. Here are a some examples:

Gregory Porter - So Good
Allen Toussaint
- interview and show
Gumbo Circus -session promo)
Ceumar (EPK - Soms do Brasil)

Music & productions

Located in the Netherlands I produce, write, arrange and record/mix music projects in my studio. Equipped with hand-built tubemics, vintage preamp and good organic coffee my boutique studio is located in an old barn @ Zaandam-West. It is a good and flexible solution for all your (vocal) overdubs and postproduction. I play all kinds of saxophones and clarinet and I have been performing a lot on small and bigger stages and festivals in Europe and Brazil. With my projects and bands I have been recording several albums and numerous songs.

Here's a shortlist of artists I recorded or produced during the years:

Ceumar (2 cd's)
Mendoza Dance Parti (5 cd's)
Kokoura (1 cd)
Eminent Stars (1 CD/LP)
Camila Costa (1 cd)
Shtetl Band Amsterdam (1 cd)



Contact me!

ben mendes I am located in Zaandam-West, very easy to reach by public transport. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn or just send me a mail! / mobile + 31-6-47568950







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